A short review of Fars province

With 133 thousand Km2 space Fars province is one the southern province of the country that occupied 8.1 of the whole space of the country. This province is located between 2 degree and 27 minuets to 42 degree and 31 minutes of the northern longitude and 42 degree and 50 minuets to 36 degree and 55 minuets of the west longitude from ...meridian.Also this province is between Isfahan province from the North, Yazd and Kerman from the east, Hormozgan from the south, Kohkilooye and Booyerahmad and Boosheher from the west. Fars montains are divided in to 4 groups. Northern, Central, Southern and Western Group.In Northern Group we have" Gardane Koli Kosh" mountain, in central from "maharloo" Mountain to "Kharaman Koohe Fasa" mountain, in southern group" Darab and Balangestan" mountain and finally in western "Ghare bagh" and Koohmare Sorkhi" Mountains.Fars climate is cold in Nortehrn area, Mild/moderate in central and warm summer in northern areas. In Northern area, yearly adjustment rain is near to ... and other area's are as follows:"Kor" stream, " ghare aj" river, " fahlian" river 400mm, Central area 200 to....mm, northern area 100 to...mm. " Firuz abbad " and " Dalaki" are 2 important rivers of the fars province.fars population based on .....census is near to......language of the majority is Persian.But some Turkish speaker  of "Ghashghai" tribe and Arabic speaker of "Khamse" tribe and also "Mamasani lore" clan  are living in some parts of this province.Fars province is one of the most important place that different tribes ever lived.Ghashghai Tribe, the biggest tribe of Iran, containing 6 big clan identified as, "Darshoori", "Kashkooli", "Shesh bolooki","Farsi madan" and "Amale", sand also 307 guild are living still in traditional decampment way. Fars province containing 19 county named:shiraz, abade, estahban, eghlid, jahrom, darab, sepidan, fasa, firuzabad, kazeroon, lar, marvdasht, mamasani, neiriz, lamerd, bovanat, arsengan, khorambid and zarrin dasht. In this province we can find more than 300 promending place that some of them are traditional, some are religious and rest are cultural and natural.

Shiye historical memorial in Shiraz

"Aliebene hamze" cemetery

"Sabz Pooshan" Mason


Shiraz historical gardens

Eram garden

Zinatolmolk House

Delgoshah garden

Afifabad garden

Zeynatol molk house

Meli garden

Jahanama garden

Takht garden

Janat garden


"Karim khan zand" Mason

"Vakil" Mosque

Divan Khaneh

Hamame Vakil


Shiraz Photo Gallery